Dental Practises

Dental Practises

Ultimately, clinical waste is defined as waste which arises from healthcare activities or within a laboratory and can pose a threat to human health or the environment if left. As such, there is a lot of legislation regarding storage, removal and disposal of clinical waste products. It must be correctly packaged, handled and collected separately to other waste. As leading specialists in clinical waste disposal, we have created a guide to clinical waste, answering some questions about the subject. Please note storage and disposal of lcinical waste differs from every day waste collections and requires a waste management process.

The CWR Controlled Waste Regulations 2012, defines clinical waste as that which occurs from any healthcare activity, including dentistry and veterinary healthcare. 

Some of these wastes can be a danger to those who come into contact with them, which is why there are legislation and control over such wastes.

Clinical waste is waste which:

a) Contains either micro-organisms or their toxins which can cause diseases.

b) Has been contaminated with any type of medicine containing a biologically active pharmaceutical agent.

c) Is sharp, such as needles or contains body fluids

Clinical waste also extends to similar waste that is from a non-healthcare industry. Examples of this are bins containing ladies’ sanitary products in public houses, restrooms, restaurants, hotels and so forth.

For compliance with legal requirements, all clinical waste needs to be ‘rendered safe’ to ensure any risk or threat has been removed. Our clinical waste disposal process adheres to legislation, meaning your waste will be ‘rendered safe’, offering peace of mind.

With a fleet of specialist vehicles sent nationwide to collect, store and dispose of clinical waste effectively and efficiently, we lead the way in waste disposal of all types – from food to hygiene products.

Dental clinics and surgeries produce different types of hazardous waste from other healthcare providers. As well as the disposal of clinical waste, Initial Medical are the specialist in amalgam separation and disposal.

Gozipper can also collect and dispose of amalgamators, veloplex machines, collector cups and filters, Sirona motors and help with the removal of old dental pumps. Learn more about our dental products and services or contact an expert today for your free quote.

To ensure that your dental practice meets current amalgam waste disposal legislation, Gozipper’s BSI-accredited amalgam separator prevents hazardous discharge entering your surgery’s waste water stream.

Gozipper’s Pure Motion® amalgam separator is intuitively designed with no moving parts for the safe extraction of amalgam waste, achieving up to 99.8% removal from your waste water stream.

Our Pure Motion® amalgam separator has been manufactured with simple ‘plug and play’ fixtures and fittings to seamlessly retrofit against your dental practice’s existing wastewater systems.

As part of your service agreement, you will receive a professional installation from one of Initial’s highly trained dental engineers without requiring downtime to your practice. We will then replace your amalgam separator at regular service intervals to supporting your business needs.

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