Flat Linen

Flat Linen

We cover many sectors including education, transport, industrial cleaning, retail, sports & leisure, general office, commercial window cleaning, block management and communal areas, etc.

Whether you work in hospitality, catering or healthcare, the image of your establishment and the quality of your service depend in part on the cleanliness and quality of your linen. 

Here at Gozipper, we supply a wide range of linen specifically tailored to your business needs. Whether you need sheets, duvet covers or tablecloths, our teams provide impeccable care for linen especially for its various uses, to ensure your linen has a perfect finish and is always available.

The right linen for your Businesses: You want to offer your customers the best possible service and ensure your clients well being.

 As a trusted partner, we supply a range of products to meet your specific requirements: Bed linen, sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, kitchen linen, towels, table wear and more.

Peace of mind: Your day to day focus to be your core business and providing your customers or residents with an optimum service. We offer bespoke solutions to support you for this. We tailor our services to your requirements (Timings, storage, quantities, vehicle type and packaging) and deliver clean linen to you on time.

"We value and priorities our customers in service flexibility, quality control and commitment to your needs"