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Care homes produce all sorts of waste and managing it safely in accordance with the law can be a tricky task. Our nursing home waste disposal services cover the whole range of various types of waste that care homes produce every year, including:

– Cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs

– Incontinence pads and waste

– Medicinal waste

– Needles and sharps

– Pharmaceuticals

– Swabs and dressings

– And much more

We provide and service all of the correct kinds of waste receptacles as required by law to dispose of all of your nursing home waste. No matter how much waste you have, we can arrange a service to meet your requirements and a collection schedule that is convenient for you and will not disturb your residents.

Call today and we’ll give you a free, no obligation quote for our care home waste disposal services.

Since the government published The 2005 Hazardous Waste Regulations, the way that nursing homes must dispose of hazardous waste like needles and pharmaceuticals has changed. Because of the risk that hazardous waste poses to the environment and to society, it must be disposed of within specially marked, secure receptacles in order to prevent injury and the spread of disease.

We have years of experience in managing hazardous waste and we can ensure that all of your nursing home waste is disposed of ethically in accordance with UK law. We can provide you with all of the hazard waste bins that you need and will provide all of the legally required paperwork including European Waste Catalogue (EWC) Codes as part of our service.

Use our nursing home waste disposal service to ensure that your waste is disposed of responsibly and in compliance with UK waste regulations.

The Environmental Protection Act of 1990 dictates that businesses, including nursing homes, which produce large volumes of clinical waste have a duty of care to manage their waste safely and responsibly. This means that care homes are legally obliged to register with the Environmental Agency and ensure that their waste is provided to a reputable and accredited waste carrier for disposal with a signed consignment note.

With our service we’ll provide you with a legally required consignment note and a waste declaration form each and every time we make a collection. Use our care home waste disposal service and we’ll even arrange to get you registered with the Environmental Agency if you aren’t already registered.

We are experts in clinical and hazardous waste disposal and will provide all of the paperwork that you need to legally dispose of all your waste.

We have been working with nursing home waste and all sorts of other types of waste for years, and in that time we have learned all that there is to know about waste disposal. As well as supporting care homes with our range of waste disposal services, we also take every opportunity to share our expertise and knowledge with businesses to keep you in the loop.

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