Offensive Waste

Offensive Waste

You’ll require our offensive waste service if your business deals with waste potentially contaminated by body fluids, including:

-Nappy waste

-Sanitary waste

-Incontinence waste

-Protective garments


-Application tools

We take the hassle out of your hands by helping your business to stay legally compliant at the best price. Our professional, reliable and licensed waste collections will safely dispose of offensive waste in line with current guidelines. For more information and a free quote, enquire online or call 020 3417 6561.

If you generate offensive waste, you must abide by disposal regulations. Failure to keep up with the guidelines can result in serious penalties.

Use our competitive Waste Management services to meet your Duty of Care needs and avoid substantial fines. Our licensed waste carriers will ensure that your waste is disposed of properly, providing a paper trail as your legal safety net.

We’ve dealt with offensive waste disposal for years, meaning we know what you need, will keep you compliant and guarantee to find you the best price.

"We value and priorities our customers in service flexibility, quality control and commitment to your needs"