One Off Deep Cleans

One Off Deep Cleans

Providing professional one-off deep cleaning services, As an established provider of commercial and domestic cleaning services for SE of England residents and businesses, Gozipper works with fully trained, insured, and trustworthy professionals. With us, there are no delays, no setbacks and no hassles.

In the midst of the COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) pandemic, workplace and domestic hygiene is a number one priority. The virus spreads through contact, and a thorough deep-clean is your best option in mitigating the risks – both for yourself and for those around you.

FastKlean Ltd are working in collaboration with Courntey Lang Ltd, Licence Asbestos Removal Contractor, to present a new Environmental Deep Clean. 

We offer full deep clean and disinfection of areas under strict supervision. Our experts can handle preventive measures, as well as offer you help with decontamination after confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Book your one-off deep cleaning session today and enjoy complete peace of mind. Our cleaners use a combination of hot dry steam to kill germs and lift grime, and dirt at the same time and powerful sanitisers and detergents that kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

We also clean by hand high touch areas with sanitisers and detergents to remove dirt, dust, grime and grease from all high tough areas. This ensures our disinfection process is at its most effective.

Disinfection is done through Bio-Fogging with toxin-free Certified Antiviral Detergent Agents. Fogging is the most effective service for dealing with the coronavirus. It is a fine mist spray at ambient temperatures that can attend to large areas quickly and safely.

Fogging, unlike conventional cleaning, kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria, moulds, fungi and viruses. As a further example, conventional cleaning is not enough to get rid of MRSA. Fogging is effective at removing MRSA and kills a wide range of pathogens.

No building is too big or too small for our teams. Schools, gyms, offices, factories, restaurants & bars, cinemas, supermarkets and hotels – we can do it all!

Our professional deep cleaning services are available to customers in across England and Wales.

"We value and priorities our customers in service flexibility, quality control and commitment to your needs"