Security services & CCTV

Security services & CCTV

Gozipper CCTV: From residential to commercial and business, we cover all range of CCTV needs. We are collaborating with one of UK’s leading CCTV manufacturer located in Stevenage, SPRO Luxrite security Ltd. Together with their support and our experience and knowledge we are securing more premises in the UK. Our product features range from face detection, thermal detecting, counting number of people and many more, we are confident to bring you the top security devices available.

Alarm: security is a top priority for both residential and business we have collaborated with the world’s leading alarm device manufacturer Ajax. Ajax devices allows you to have a complete peace of mine knowing that your premises is secure and with a touch of button can be accessed and being formed of an intruder from no 


matter where you are in the world. This combined with our CCTV we sought to provide you a 360° security and a complete peace of mind.

Access control: Together with hikvision Access control services we are able to provide top access control devices for flats, offices, business and residential premises. using top camera quality access control devices we are able to provide access via code, NFC devices, facial recognition as well as fingerprint together with remote access and integration with electronic locks.

Networking: Whether you have a residential or business premises we are able to cover your need for networking and allow network access from multiple floors to multiple offices using the latest cabling technology such as cat7 and fiber.

By using UK and world’s leading manufacturers we are confident that we will be able to provide top security and a complete peace of mind for both businesses and residential.

"We value and priorities our customers in service flexibility, quality control and commitment to your needs"